Independent Reading Project: Infographic / Timeline


[Gen H.] History of Nike

Written by Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows is a fantasy/young adult novel that takes place in a make-believe universe. The book starts off in Ketterdam, the capital of Island nation Kerch, in a world where people called Grisha (humans with unnatural abilities) exist. In the city of Ketterdam, a new drug called Jurda Parem is discovered to be able to enhance Grisha abilities and control them due to it’s intense addictive properties. Because the drug has not yet been introduced to the public, Jan Van Eck ( One of Ketterdam’s wealthy merchants) sees a prosperous opportunity in the monopolization of the drug. To accomplish ownership of Jurda Parem, however, Jan Van Eck first needs to retrieve Bo Yul-Bayur (the scientist who created Parem) for the formula. However, Bo Yul-Bayur has already been captured and contained in the ice court, a high security military stronghold in Fjerda that is said to be impossible to infiltrate. Because of the extremely low chance of successfully capturing the scientist and making it out alive, Van Eck has no choice but to to hire seventeen year old Kaz Brekker for the job, a seemingly amoral well known underground gang member who has gained the name Dirtyhands due to his dangerous reputation of doing anything for money. 

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[Justice J.] Industrial Society Infographic

The book I chose for my independent reading project was Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore John Kaczynski. Industrial Society and Its Future is a nonfiction book about the industrial revolution. Kaczynski is an anarchist/domestic terrorist and author who lived off the grid for a majority of his life, and who spoke about the industrial revolution and how it has affected society. He focuses on how technology has modified the way we go about our daily lives, and how it has had a psychological impact on humans. In his 120 page manifesto, Kaczynski focuses on the more negative effects that the industrial revolution has had on people, mentioning multiple times how everything was a lot easier and there was a lot less to worry about primitive society, where your only job was to provide for yourself and your family. Kaczynski is of the opinion that everyone should know or learn how to fend for themselves, be able to hunt, swim, live without electricity and running water, and be completely self sufficient.

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