March is Women’s History Month!
Students will be creating posters that amplify words from women we studied in this class (during our “Power of Language” Unit) or women that you look up to.

STEP 1: FIND 2+ MEMORABLE QUOTES from Jamila Lyiscott, Liz Acevedo, Amy Tan, Claudia Rankine, Solange OR find your own quote from other women that you admire. *You are encouraged to center the words of BIPOC / LGBTQ+ women who are historically left out of WHM celebrations.

Create a poster that showcases your chosen quote & author of the quote.
Every “poster” needs: 1) quote 2) name of quote author 3) symbol/visual that corresponds with the quote (optional). You may work independently or in partners.


Jackson S.

Sachi B.

Beatrice W.

Sam P.

Sophia T.

Bebe S.

Hazel F. & Dylan D.

Oscar B.

Linn S.

Melody B.

Lily L.

Emilia B.

Tilly S. & Isabel C.

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